Abarth Accessories: Exhaust system for the Abarth 500 – the Monza Record

record monza exhaust for abarth 500This is where it all started – Abarth developed exhaust systems for motorcycles and cars in the early days before becoming associated with FIAT and becoming famous for tuning the Fiat 500 along with winning race after race, rallying and setting many speed and endurance records… in fact, the red chequers so often seen in Abarth marketing materials and on car livery is taken from the record setting marker boards. Abarth and Magneti Marelli engineers have developed a range of exhaust systems designated “Record Monza”. “Record Monza” exhausts are variable back-pressure systems capable of improving the performance and the sound of the engine and making it more characteristically “Abarth”. These beautifully engineered exhaust systems are available from your local Abarth Dealer.

These thoroughly innovative exhausts also embody one of the most authentic traditions of the Scorpion marque. Thanks to the racing experience and genius of Carlo Abarth, the 1960’s saw the introduction of the famous Abarth performance kits – of which the Abarth exhaust was a key part, an exhaust based on a simple but clever idea: these exhausts featured a central pipe of constant section with side passages through the fibreglass, and the elimination of all diaphragms to minimise exhaust gas compression. This simple but innovative system gave Abarth exhausts a clear advantage in terms of performance, and an unmistakable sound. In only a few years Abarth & C. achieved a global dimension: in 1962 the company’s staff of 375 people produced 257,000 exhausts, 65% of which were destined for export.

abarth exhaust poster advertismentFaithful to this history, Abarth is offering the new range of “Record Monza” exhausts, with variable back pressure ‘dual mode’ design that improves the sound of the engine above 3000 rpm.“Record Monza” exhausts can be mounted on the Abarth 500 , the Abarth Grande Punto, and on petrol versions of the Fiat 500, and come in a matt black finish, with chromed tail pipes sporting the Abarth logo in relief.

Why the ‘Record Monza’ name?

Abarth is well known for it’s incredible motor racing heritage and victories on track and in rallying but in the early days Abarth had a reputation as a ‘record breaking’ company. In 1956, a Fiat Abarth 750 with Bertone bodywork set endurance and speed records at Monza on 18 June, beating the 24 hour record by covering 3743km at an average speed of 155kph. Many more records were set: 5000 and 10,000km, 5000 mile plus 48 and 72 hour records. In 1957, Abarth built a record breaking car with streamlined bodywork and again at Monza set 15 new records including an average speed record of 165.376kph set over 72 hours. 1958, Abarth met the car that would seal his fame – the Fiat 500, Fiat provided cash bonuses to Abarth depending on the number of victories and records set by the team, this heralded an era of huge success with 10 world records, 133 international records. 1965, Carlo Abarth also drove, setting his own record on 20 October, again at Monza, with the Fiat Abarth 1000 single seater ‘Record’ Class G, (105 hp) – setting the record for acceleration over 1/4 mile and 500m. On the 21st he set a 2000 cc class E single seater record – all at the age of 57.




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